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Halters and lead ropes are constructed from premium double braided nylon.

The base halters are crafted using 1/4 inch rope, rated for 2000 lbs.

 The attached leads are made with 3/8 inch rope, rated for 6200 lbs.  

Commercial sailing para-cord, available in a wide array of

over 300 stock colors to mix and match, is used to create 

the nose-bands, reins, dog collars/leashes, and personalized bracelets.  

Training halters complete with attached lead and single rein,

 are also an available option!

Pick from any of our already pre-designed products,

or custom design your own..

Choose from two different pattern styles: knotted or fishtail.

Then customize your way....size, length of lead, etc...just ask!

 Try our All Natural 100% Cotton dog toys!

Your puppy will love them!

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